Traders Mind Journal

Steve Ward, a trading performance coach, came to us with his idea for a new type of trading journal. His belief that trading psychology is a fundamental component of trading performance and secondly that keeping a trading journal is extremely valuable in helping traders to stay disciplined and focused to therefore successfully navigate the ups and downs of trading effectively, improving their trading performance.

The Traders Mind Journal was created to help traders pursuit mastery in a unique way drawing on real experiences and expert psychological insight. We created a clean modern brand that focused on the content and makes journalling a pleasure. 

“I have worked with Grahame and David at Never Know Defeat on the design element of two different publications. They took time to really understand what was required in the brief, produced some fantastic design options, and were very flexible and responsive throughout the whole process. The end result was way beyond my expectations, and of exceptional quality.”
Steve Ward

Find out how we can help you win

Find out how we can help you win

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