Never Know Defeat is an independent branding and digital agency based in Bristol, UK. From around the corner to across the globe we partner with clients to power change.


Never Know Defeat was founded in 2012 by designers David Heaton and Grahame Taylor. We chose Bristol, UK as a base for our studio because of its rich cultural heritage, and as it’s the second largest media hub in the UK after London. The independent culture that’s embedded in Bristol makes it an exciting hot bed of creative ventures. We had a shared vision of how we can combine our experience to offer clients solutions that generate success.

Creating intrigue
through invention

Our Values


We believe that the key to any projects success is communication and the sharing of ideas and goals. We build lasting bonds with our clients helping them to tell their stories and be heard.


Our agency seeks to raise the standards of aesthetics and functionality through research, graphics and professional excellence. We are dedicated to helping clients win through effective branding.


We remove the unnecessary to reveal whats important. Focusing on the core values of clients we create brand that are easier to understand and more likely to make a lasting impression.

Find out how we can help you win

Find out how we can help you win

How We Work

Working in industries such as FMCG, Private Equity, Tech and Hospitality, we love getting to know our clients and their brands. We analyse how well their brand is performing, identifying strengths and weaknesses. It’s imperative to truly understand your brand from the ground up so we can make sure you get heard by your audience.

Our work through graphic design and branding is as focused on aesthetics as it is marketability. Ensuring that our design work helps you win sales, followers, investment, profits and love.

Creating intrigue
through invention

Leadership Team

David Heaton

David is a graduate of Architecture from the University of the West of England and has used his eye for detail, structure and aesthetics in graphic design for over 15 years. Before setting up NKD, he worked with some of the leading digital agencies in London. He has passion for elegant, minimal and functional design that helps elevate brands NKD work with to new heights.

Outside of design, David has a passion for riding motorcycles both on the racetrack and the road, gradually restoring his old VW Scirocco and studying the guitar.


“Good combination of skill and taste in design, transparency, honesty and being professional & enjoyable to work with.”
Founder, YourPlace

Grahame Taylor

Happiest in the space where aesthetics and strategy meet, Grahame has been helping brands grow for over 20 years. With a strong emphasis on distilling the values of a brand to create designs that are not only beautiful, but also highly effective in engaging audiences and achieving business goals. From the age of 16 Grahame started his design journey studying at Reading College of Art and Design and furthered his education at the Arts Institute Bournemouth.

When not creating brands Grahame can be found climbing walls or going down mountains. He takes great inspiration from the places he visits and feeds that energy back into his work.

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