The Background

We are an independent design studio based in the heart of Bristol. Never Know Defeat was started in 2012 when Dave Heaton & Grahame Taylor decided to go it alone and start their own agency. Dave had been working at large agencies in London, Japan and Romania of all places, but longed for the mean streets of his hometown. Whilst Grahame was already settled in Bristol and in high demand from several clients. Having already worked together on graphic projects and self initiated art prints starting a graphic design agency was the natural choice.

NKD’s simple goal was to single handedly change the world using the immense power of design.

We quickly realised this was perhaps a bit over the top, but since then we’ve worked with some brilliant clients, made fantastic friends, listened to everything on Spotify twice and produced work we’re extremely proud of. And we’d like to work with you too.

We’re small, we’re independent and we genuinely care. We don’t have a team of 100 designers in the basement, or a corporate jet that can come and pick you up for a cheeky round of golf in Cannes, but what we do have is a real passion for our work, the skills to deliver what you need, and the best customer care available. We offer a comprehensive list of services centred around graphic design and art direction for print and digital. This includes illustration, brand development, app design, web design, user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) design and packaging. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to produce solutions that function flawlessly whilst engaging their users, followers and customers around the world.

The Kingpins

There are two directors here at the NKD towers. Here’s a little info about each of them, as it’s always nice to put a name to artistically enhanced face.

David Heaton

Creative Director & Co-Founder

After studying Architecture to a degree level Daves passion for fine details turned to the graphic design world. Transferring his skills of spacial awareness, simplicity and planning permission over to world of visual design. Working at many large agencies home and away Dave took particular interest in UX design. Coupled with his love of modernist design he is able to create seamless user journeys through rich clean visuals.

Grahame Taylor

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Jumping straight from School into a 5 year studio of graphic design education it’s always been the first love of Grahame. Working his way to senior designer in several large agencies his passion would have always ended with his own studio. Versatile in print and digital work Grahame has a love of achieving consistency across all mediums as well as meaningful logo design.

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