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Exam Ninja

Exam Ninja

Exam study guide design to help children fulfil their potential

We’ve worked with Bristol based Exam Ninja since 2013, producing the past 2 years Key Stage 2 exam practice papers and the companies branding to boot.

The practice papers have weighed in at 300+ pages each year, and require a fairly huge range of layout and illustration work, ranging from an English article about bees, to the accurate drawing of fancy named mathematical triangles.

Unfortunately for Grahame and Dave they’re a bit old to resit their exams, but we’re absolutely chuffed to think we’ve made the ever stressful exam revision time a little more enjoyable for thousands of children around the country. Now put that PlayStation controller down and do some revision please.

“Exam Ninja has been using NKD for several years. They have been invaluable in helping me build my company’s commercial branding as well as design its core products. Whether it’s a logo, letterhead, flyer or book, they’ve done a superb job designing it!
Something I especially like about NKD is that you always deal directly with a talented and experienced graphic designer rather than a greasy account manager. Any concerns I’ve ever had about print resolution, how to supply files, whether the crops or bleeds are right (and other design or printing worries) were sorted well before I’d even thought about them. It’s here that their experience and level of detail really shows.

Dave and Grahame have a knack of asking the right questions to ensure everything’s delivered in good time and they’re also very reasonable when it comes to the final bill.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend using NKD for any branding, design or print work.”

Josh Geake
Founder, Exam Ninja

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