Civilised Cycles

Branding, Brochure Design, Print, UX/UI

Civilised Cycles

Civilised Cycles

Branding and promotional materials for the future of transport

Civilized Cycles is a New York based electric bicycle company, determined to change how we travel with their stunning and revolutionary products.

We’ve worked with Civilized Cycles since 2015, initially hired to produce the logo and brand identity for the company. Since then, we’ve also been lucky enough to produce a promotional booklet, t-shirts and are currently working on their upcoming website.

“David and Grahame were able to produce what many others could not – a set of brand elements that communicate our values with a clear voice. I challenged them to create visuals that were clean, understated, and timeless, and I could’t be happier with the results. I look forwards to having Never Know Defeat as a partner as our business grows in the years to come.”

Zach Schieffelin
Founder, Civilized Cycles

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