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Brochure design is still important to your brand – and here’s why

No matter what industry your company is in, the printed page is still incredibly important. Customers love the tactile nature of print, and it represents an extra avenue for your brand to shine. In some markets, such as the travel and car industries brochures are still a key selling tool to potential customers and a vital piece of marketing collateral.

In this era of most marketing being carried out digitally, a physical brochure is a constant reminder of your services to customers, whether it’s sat on their coffee table, office desk or kitchen counter. It’s a far more permanent promotional tool, and when distributed correctly, can be an extremely strong marketing tool.

The very nature of print also means you have more time to tell your company’s story. The reader can flick through the brochure whenever and wherever they have time, and therefore provide a much richer form of marketing. This could be termed as ‘slow marketing’, especially when compared to the hundreds of rapid fire adverts you encounter when online.

To really enhance your brand and appeal to your target market, a brochure needs to be well designed, clear and easy to understand, and printed on the best quality stock your budget can afford. A high quality item on beautiful paper with high end print finishes applied is much more likely to be kept by readers, or passed onto friends and family.

On the other hand, what happens when a brochure is poorly designed? Unfortunately we see this fairly frequently, and the damage this can do to a brand is enormous. If a customer is presented with one poorly designed brochure that is low quality and difficult to quickly understand what might they think?

– A bad design suggests the company don’t care about their image.
– Perhaps don’t care what I, the customer, thinks.
– They don’t look as good as their competitors, so maybe they can’t do as good a job?
– I don’t trust these guys with my hard earned money.
– Their brochure looks old and dated…they’re not with the times.
– I can’t be bothered to read past a couple of pages.
– This is going straight in the recycling bin!

Make sure your brochures truly reflect your company in the best light possible, tell your story, clearly explain what you do and is correctly designed to appeal to your customers.